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"If you go and visit Carol Bach-y-Rita at Minha Casa/My House on Augula Records, you will be amply rewarded by her high-flying Brazilian Bebop. The dancer-turned-singer turns standards inside-out and writes originals that are so good, they'll be standards of the future." M. Greenblatt

In addition to beautifully interpreting the best of the American Songbook, Carol frolics through the gorgeous music of Brazil and the Americas in Spanish and Portuguese. Her sound is lush and swinging from the intimacy of a duo setting to a full big band.


She has been a featured performer at Jazz venues and festivals throughout the United States, Europe and Japan, with noted repeat engagements with MTT and The San Francisco Symphony and the The Monterey Jazz Festival.

Carol has worked with many top artists in Jazz and Brazilian music in the United States and abroad, including: Bill Cantos, Larry Koonse, John Leftwich, Mike Shapiro, Harry Allen, Jacky Terrason, Bill Cunliffe, Claudio Roditi, John Clayton, Chico Pinheiro,  Joshua Redman, Mark Levine, Ricardo Silveira,  Bruce Forman, Dado Moroni, Michael Spiro, Rique Pantoja, Kleber Jorge....


Her current band JAZZ BLISS features Bill Cantos, Larry Koonse, John Leftwich and Ana Barreiro. Treasured collaborations abound with LA favorites Bill Cunliffe, Hussain Jiffry, Trey Henry, Mitchell Long, Bob Sheppard ....


Music took a back seat for a number of years while she explored a successful career in radio and then voice over.  Conversant in 5 languages, she is represented by WME, Stars and IBE. Her credits include hundreds of TV and radio commercials, games, animation, narration, movies, web, print and on-camera work. Her state of the art home studio is fully equipped with ISDN lines, phone patch and skype access.


Music and movement are inseparable in Carol's life! Her background in Feldenkrais has made her truly unique in her approach to dance instruction and performance. She has toured Europe performing Brazilian and Afro-Cuban dance and currently owns and runs a small dance studio in Hollywood.


Born to Americans living abroad (a neurophysiologist father and an artist mother,) she grew up primarily  in Northern California, with numerous childhood years in Italy, Mexico and Spain. After graduation from UC Berkeley, she spent three years singing in Paris, with extensive touring throughout Europe. Her last name (Bach-y-Rita) is Catalan, and she possesses both American and European/Spanish citizenship.

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