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Samba Workshop For Singers and Musicians

"Anyone who wants to play Brazilian music should learn to samba. Carol

is one of the best teachers - of anything - I've ever had.”


“This will close the distance between you and Brazil.”


"I've tried learning samba for several years now -- in Brazil and from Brazilians. . but I've never had anyone break it down for me like Carol can. “

In this samba workshop, you will learn to fully inhabit your body with ease and grace, as you sing, play and perform. Steeped in Feldenkrais body work from a young age, Carol has an uncanny ability to translate rhythm, sound and motion, and to get even the most intransigent of bodies (and the most shy of individuals,) to feel music with happiness and ease. A sensory understanding in your body of where the rhythm lies, shifts your whole approach to music. Your performance, your confidence and your joy will blossom.

And, your samba will be swingin’! For all levels, all genders.


In addition to private and group workshops, all over the world, Carol runs a small dance studio in Los Angeles, CA. Her latest project “Minha Casa/my house” is garnering rave reviews from Downbeat to World Music Review. In addition to headlining as a featured vocalist in jazz venues and festivals worldwide, Carol has an active career in voiceover, radio and print, represented by William Morris Endeavor.

For more information on workshops, classes and private instruction, please contact

Student Testimonials

This is a careful and well thought-through approach to a dance that to me had always seemed as impossible to perform as it was wonderful to watch.  It is still wonderful to watch, but no longer impossible to perform.  This is because of the methodical but dynamic approach Carol Bach-y-Rita takes to imparting the samba’s secrets.  This will close the distance between you and Brazil

William Lewis

Carol is a great dance instructor.  An excellent communicator with infectious energy, she breaks the movements into smaller, slower and more digestible pieces before speeding up the tempos allowing one to be comfortably doing the basics in no time.

Larry Steen - The Larry Steen World Jazz Ensemble, Los Angeles

Carol is a great samba teacher! Her manner is inviting and supportive - making everyone feel welcome. She has the ability to help students groove with each simple step and swing of the hips, breaking down the movements into easy parts, with plently of repetition, and integrating everything. I was dancing samba before I knew it!

Rebecca Kleinmann, musician, Santa Barbara/ Los Angeles, CA

I've tried learning samba for several years now -- in Brazil and from Brazilians. . but I've never had anyone break it down for me like Carol can.  She really leaves no one behind.  I don't think it's an easy dance for Americans to pick up. . . . but she makes it so fun and simple!!. . .can't wait for the next class...

BE, Teacher/Musician, Colo Springs

Anyone who wants to play Brazilian music should learn to samba. Carol is one of the best teachers - of anything - I've ever had. She's so patient, and she really knows what she's doing. She's a great dancer, too. A lot of fun.

KH, Los Angeles

I had the privilege to learn Samba with Carol and it was a marvelous experience. She’s the most skillful and graceful dance teacher I’ve ever had. Not only does she teach you the Samba steps, but she teaches you how to move every part of your body in a sensual way, and this is a skill you can apply to all types of dance. She makes learning Samba fun and exciting!

JC/Santa Monica/Engineer

Don’t worry if you’re in the white-men-can’t-samba class of dancers.  Work with Carol Bach-y-Rita and you’ll samba.  Why?  Because she knows how to take it down not only to the basic steps, but to the rhythm and emotion they carry, which are universal.  Trust me, you can samba.              Mark McCaffrey

Although, a good freestyle dancer in the clubs, I am a total klutz when it comes to learning stylized dancing.  So I was a little nervous about my first class.  Carol was such a patient teacher, and she breaks down the movements clearly so you can easily grasp the steps.  By the end of my first class I was doing the Samba!  Now I'm totally addicted and can't wait for class each week!

 Tara, Los Angeles

I wanted to learn to dance samba for years but thought it would be impossible. My beginner classes with Carol were great, as she taught in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. Dancing samba is now fun thanks to Carol's warm and positive guidance.

M.Z., Los Angeles

Carol's approach to teaching Samba honored the individual, their body and level of experience. Taught in a circle, the class was fun and communal, and I especially liked having the opportunity to amplify "mistakes," then settle back into the "right" action, so you could realize that usually, less really is more!

Crystal Bliss, Colorado Springs

The first time I met Carol, I said," that girl is in her body"...and I hadn't even seen her Samba. She is wild and free and a joyous, loving teacher... and a beautiful Samba dancer. She made it seem so attainable!!!   

VJM Colorado Springs

I loved Carol's Samba Class because first she's a really sweet and careful teacher. It was nice to work with a small group as she could take of everyone and could all improve at our own pace. And last but not least, the music was amazing and energetic!

Thanks Carol and sorry for the mistakes of a French Samba Student


Getting to know the Samba in Carol Bach-y-Rita's class is a divine experience. Her teaching style allows you freedom and creativity within Samba dancing that is just plain fun. I look forward to taking more Samba classes and any additional dance styles that she teaches to expand my horizons.  And this is bound to help me on the dating scene :).

Karen, Colorado Springs

Recently I had the pleasure of studying samba dancing with Carol Bach-y-Rita for about six months.  Carol is a fine instructor, paying close attention to her students, and directing plenty of individual attention when a particular move may be difficult for a student.  I hadn't seriously danced since high school.  I've spent many years on stage, but I was always playing or singing.  After a few of Carol's lessons, I went to a club and got applause for my dancing.  One person actually asked me who my teacher was, and said he was signing up!  As time went on, I developed many moves and steps I never imagined myself doing.  Carol teaches a samba style that is simultaneously communicative and classy.  Carol has had a tremendous background in the Feldenkrais body movement method, used extensively by musicians and dancers, and by incorporating this method, she literally taught me how to move with grace.  Carol is acutely aware of the social nature of dancing, which provides her with tremendous leverage in advancing supportive relationships within the dance groups.  In other words, studying with Carol means you get the full package of what it takes to become a dancer.  One of the things I miss most about living in Los Angeles is having the opportunity to participate in Carol's classes.  I try to schedule trips to L.A. around her class schedule, such is the enjoyment Carol's teaching has given me.

Bob Schutz, recording artist, Tempe, AZ

Carol has made samba class a fun and rewarding experience. We dance, laugh and sweat for 90 minutes of a challenging samba experience!

Jill Furillo RN. BSN

Southern California Director, California Nurses Association

My  husband and I took samba classes from Carol Bach-y-rita... we had the most fun ever! We actually learned to samba!  Carol made the classes so fun and interesting.  My husband wanted to take a second session too.  Also, the classes provided a great cardio workout without even realizing we were getting a workout as well as having a great time dancing this very sexy dance. 

Thanks so much carol! Xoxo,


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