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Music Review by Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

Carol Bach-y-Rita What Love Is (Arugula)

Carol Bach-y-Rita is a delightful singer with a warm voice who sings in English, Portuguese and Spanish. She has a laid-back but expressive style, and the ability to swing at all tempos. She is greatly assisted throughout this highly enjoyable set by tenor-saxophonist and flutist Robert Kyle, who also provided most of the arrangements.

Many of the performances could be considered Brazilian jazz and give one an idea what i might have sounded like if Irene Kral had recorded with Stan Getz, particularly “A Time For Love.” However other selections fall into different areas altogether. “Don’t Get Scared” is a beboppish vocal-flue duet, a haunting version of Billie Holiday’s “Don’t Explain” is taken as a duet with bassist Trey Henry, and “Lazy Afternoon” is given one of its most rewarding vocal versions. “Cidade Lagoa,” which is a bit reminiscent of “No More Blues,” is a second and equally successful voice-flute duet, something that should only be attempted by a singer who is always in tune, like Carol Bach-y-Rita.

With fine work through by Kyle, Henry, pianist Jamieson Trotter, and drummer-percussionist Mike Shapiro, What Love Is is one of the best vocal releases of recent times. It is available from

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