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Music Review by George Harris,  JazzWeekly 

Most of being successful in life is making wise choices. Vocalist Carol Bach-Y-Rita wins you over on this album with superb choices of musicians, songs, and delivery styles. Her selection of Bill Cantos/p, Larry Koonse/g, John Leftwich/b and Mike Shapiro/dr-perc is Solomon wise, as is her mix and matching of them in various capacities. Her choice of material is tasty, but it’s her way of delivering the goods with her warm and come hither voice that is most enticing. She handles a drum duet on “Nature Boy” that is earthy and enticing while turning Joni Mitchells’ “The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines” into a Brazilian reggae with room to move. She gets laconic with Koonse on “Tis Autumn” and bops with delight on ”A Night In Tunisia.” While portraying herself in style with exuberance and a girl who likes to have fun, her inner romantic eventually wins out, with an undulating “Love Look Away” with deep work by Cantos, and a duet with the pianist on a misty “While My Lady Sleeps. “ This lady has a few stories to tell!

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