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Music Review by Myrna Daniels, L.A. Jazz Scene

November 2009

First of all, I have to say that Carol Bach-y-Rita is one lucky lady. She has surrounded herself with some terrific musicians and all the artistry manifests itself throughout this fine CD. With Robert Kyle-tenor sax & flute, bassist Trey Henry, drummer Mike Shapiro, and pianist Jamieson trotter on hand, Bach-y-Rita’s voice is shown at its best. Her voice is softer, languid and very effective on a program of tunes done in English and Portuguese. “You Don’t Know What Love Is” swings softly. Kyle adds a lilting flute to “Eu Vim DaBahia” (I Come From Bahia) sung in Portuguese. Shapiro’s percussion and Trotter’s careful piano accompaniment make the tune lustrous, gorgeous. Bach-y-Rita’s style is relaxed, her enunciation and phrasing is excellent. “A Time For Love,” the great Johnny Mandel classic is given a very reverent yet sexy take. Each instrument is clearly stated for an easy pace. The familiar “Corcovado,” (a Jobim standard) is another find melding of singer and music.


“Don’t Get Scared” is different, with lyrics by King Pleasure to Stan Getz solo from 1951. Here it’s done as a duet with Bach-y-Rita and Kyle’s flute. Her voice reminds me a bit of Cheryl Bentyne (of Manhattan Transfer). They both have a clean, clear delivery. The energy is upped for a bit of “Assim Man Da” (It’s Not Working Like This) a tune by Kleber Jorge. “Don’t Explain” is another spare duet, with voice and Henry’s bass. Wow, this one is good! Billie Holidays’ famous lament, is done quietly, plaintively by Bach-y-Rita, with Henry’s bass whispering behind, expressing its own agony. It’s a version that tends to quiet listeners down, to pay attention. “Amore Ate O Fim” (Love Until the End) is a small, romantic gem. Kyle and Bach-y-Rita duet on “Cidade Lagoa” (Lagoon City). His flute is nearly classical in feel as she sings and vocalizes along with him. The entire group gathers for the closing tune, “Lazy Afternoon.” Carol Bach-y-Rita should be very pleased wit this effort. Her artistry is showcased very well with these fine, supportive musicians. 

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