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Music Review by Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

"During the past decade, Carol Bach-y-Rita has been one of the top jazz and Brazilian music singers residing in Southern California. Very skilled at blending together the two genres of music, she displays an attractive voice, is an expert scat-singer and always improvises. Ms. Bach-y-Rita is also not shy to take chances. On My House she interacts in different settings with pianist Bill Cantos, guitarist Larry Koonse, bassist John Leftwich, drummer Mike Shapiro and (on one song) percussionist Dudu Fuentes. Included are duets with Shapiro (“Nature Boy”), Fuentes (their original “Gardening With No Pants”), and Cantos (“While My Lady Sleeps”). The singer never has trouble staying perfectly in tune without the support of other instruments. Cantos’ “Morning Coffee” is witty, “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To” and “’Tis Autumn” swing easily, and “A Night in Tunisia” imagines Dizzy Gillespie in Brazil. It all adds up to an easily recommended set (available from that features Carol Bach-y-Rita at her best.”

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